Week 7

January 30, 2021 – Day 43

Greetings Angels!

We will take a new set of stacked pictures and you will also have your vaccines today as well. Since you will now have your vaccines, we don’t worry as much about traveling to the vets office next week for your hearing tests and health checks! We you will all also be donating your blood to canine health research as well.

Hello! Kimber here:

You are now weened from my supply of milk, which means that the humans are your full time puppy feeders. I don’t mind much as my job is now to teach you all some basic learned behaviors about how to act around adult dogs. A couple of days ago, I taught you all the art of play bowing and now that is all you like to do!

Today you got to meet another new human named Chris! She is one of the humans friends from Kindergarten. She even bought you all this toy so that you can play tug all at the same time!

Although she isn’t the only one, Jill was the first one during Payton’s Puppy Playtime! All of the others smelled that bag of dog food there too!

Here are your most recent set of stacked pictures!



Mamma Kimb!

January 31, 2021 – Day 44

Good Morning Angels!

After a busy couple of days from meeting a bunch of new people to being microchipped to getting our vaccines, you all deserve a day off to kick back and rest. We have a nice long trip planned for you early this week that we will begin to prep for.

Hi Hi Hi! Sabrina here:

After a nice long stretch of socializing, we are happy to have a day off to relax, as if we don’t relax like a prince and princesses all the time! Regardless, it is nice to have a go with the flow day too!

Here we are relaxing throughout the day!



February 1, 2021 – Day 45

Howdy Angels!

Today we have three new things planned, but they are all a bit smaller scale so no worries about you getting stressed about too much happening at once. We will lay down a new texture that is a vacuum pack bag that the Cozy Caves came in. We also have planned that you will see plastic balls for the first time and some puppy sized dumbbells.

Hi All! Kelly here:

So, the humans put down this plastic tarp-like thing for us to walk on. we all loved it and tried to rip it apart! I even made sure they they knew that I was here and piddled in it, but that was to be expected as for some reason puppies our age seem to pee on things that are crinkly!

We also had a chance to play with plastic balls that would go into a ball pit. We each picked one and chewed them for a while, after we rolled them across the floor of course! it was pretty fun to run around the kitchen and chase them.

We were also introduced tot he dumbbells for the first time. Bosley was the first one to pick one up and carry it around, but we all took a turn throughout the day!

Apparently tomorrow is a pretty big day for us, so the humans have been prepping a lot, so you will have to forgive them for the lack of pictures!

Here we are after Bosley took the bed out of the kennel and drug it across the floor!



February 2, 2021 – Day 46

Congratulations Angels!

Today we will leave the house nice and early around 7AM to make it to Cleveland at 9AM for your hearing test, health checks, and blood draw! The blood draw is your contribution to Canine Health Research for all breeds, but it is sponsored by The Dalmatian Club of America Foundation!

Hi All! Jill here:

So, our drive to the vet went well, but someone did get a little car sick which is normal for puppies, but no one is sure who it was. In general we all got an A+ for being perfect car riders with minimal crying.

We got to meet the doctor and her Techs who were really nice to us! We were all super excited and happy to see them too!

Our results came back as expected that we are all Bilateral Normal Hearing! Awesome news for Momma Kimb as all 23 of her kids hear in both ears!

Here we are running around the office and in the car on the way home!

No other new changes for today since we spent 4 hours in the car and a little more than 2 hours at the vets office!



February 3, 2021 – Day 47

G’day angels!

We don’t have anything new planned for today, but tomorrow morning you will get a taste of the great outdoors!We did change your toys around like we do every day and sometimes twice a day!

Hello Everyone! Bosley here:

So, the humans keep joking that I am a little too obsessed with my man cave. I don’t think that is true at all. In fact, I am trying to upgrade it and have put a request in for a flat screen tv, beer cooler, and a game console!

Sometimes if I want to sit on the front porch of my man cave, the girls will come and lay with me. I don’t mind it too much as it does keep me warm!

Here are our favorite candids from today! We like to play with anything that is new…even people!

Ta Ta For Now,


February 4, 2021 – Day 48

Hey Angels!

Today we decided that we will bring the great outdoors inside as 10-15 degrees was a little too cold for comfort and the snow is as tall as you all are! So I will go out with a crate tray and scooped up some snow, and brought it back in to you.

Hi Hi Hi! Sabrina here:

So one of the humans came inside with a big huge snow cone. At least we all thought it was. We tried to eat it, and play in it, and smell it, well I guess we tried to do just about everything with it! Here we are checking out snow for the first time!

Everyone walked from one side tot he other except Kelly who was more interested in stepping on the outer edge and licking it!

Other than that we meet some new people today too! They were super fun to chew on and play with!

Best Wishes,


February 5, 2021 – Day 49

Good Morning Angels!

Today you will be introduced to the big tunnel for the first time. Int he past you have seen a small tunnel that was a bit more rigid than the 15 foot tunnel that you will see today!

Hi All! Kelly here:

So today we had the most fun day ever! We got to see this big blue tunnel for the first time! The humans were pretty smart and decided to made one end go out one door and the other end go out the other door. Here we are having the time of our lives playing in the tunnel. And only one of us escaped…it was me, I take full credit!

We didn’t do anything else super out of the ordinary, but we did get to meet some new people again! That was fun! We crawled all over them and kissed them and even tried to pull their masks off too.

Kind Regards,