Week 8

February 6, 2021 – Day 50

Good Afternoon Angels!

After a long week of meeting new people and traveling, we have decided to take another day off from anything super new and just stick to our basic routine of playing around the house and changing out toys. We also took a new set of stacked pictures too!

Hey! Jill here:

So they humans wanted us to stand still for long enough to take a picture today… but they had food so we were wiggling around of course! Here we are stacked at 7 weeks!

This was also a day for relaxing for the humans too, so they dint take many pictures, just 93. But of the 93 pictures, these two were the best!



February 7, 2021 – Day 51

Hi Angels!

After a long couple of days of not taking many picture, we decided to take a bunch today to make up for the lack of photos over the past few days. We did get the tunnel out again and you all ran around!

Heyo! Bosley here:

We had a lot of dun today! We were able to play in the tunnel for our special tunnel time and we even went back to the wire crate after having the various-kenel in our play yard for a while. To be completely honest I was hoping that I would be able to squeeze a flat screen tv and a cooler into my new man cave! But, here I am enjoying my time while the girls cuddle up on the cat bed.

Here are our candids, even when we decided to pull the potty across the floor!

This is us trying the snuffle mat for the first time. A snuffle mat is a brain exerciser that allows for us to forage for food and tire our brains out at the same time!



February 8, 2021 – Day 52

Howdy Angels!

Something that is new and a brilliant idea curtsy to Baba Gerry (Elaine’s mom) is to set a laundry basket into your play pen. So we tried that but then we were thinking and we thought that it would be a good idea to try something that didn’t have any wholes in it.

Welcome Back Everyone! Kimber here:

So, the humans did something really weird today. They put a laundry basket into my puppy’s play yard… um, I don’t think that they will learn to dottier own laundry if that is what they are getting at! Nonetheless, the kiddos had a ton of fun taking it all in!

Although the humans forgot to take a picture of them, they did take a picture of the red toy tote that they need up putting in there too!

And just because the babies are so cute, here they are sleeping!

Forever and Always,


February 9, 2021 – Day 53

How’s It Going Angels!

Today is a big day for you all. We will go outside for the first time during the warmest part of the day. Kimber will come along and you will all love to play in the huge snow globe!

Hi All! Sabrina here:

We started the day off right by having breakfast and getting a nice clean pen! Then we took a long nap and dreamed about how we were going to have so much fun playing in the snow.

After many conversations with my siblings, we discussed that Mom will have to be there to show us the ropes. And when the humans finally did take us out with her, oh boy that was a blast! First we just smelled the cold cement that was covered in a bit of snow and them we went on to romp in the cleared off part of the yard. Bosley and I went of into the deeper part while Jill and Kelly just stuck around the shallower area. Regardless we had fun playing with Mom outside!

We then followed it up by intruding Bosley’s manacle and redecorating a bit!

Best Wishes,


February 10, 2021 – Day 54

Good Evening Angels!

As we start to prepare for your departure and talking with your families more and more, we are so excited for this bittersweet day that is just around the corner. Today’s plans are to give a valentines day hotshot a shot!

Hi Hi Hi! Kelly here:

So, they tried to make us sit still for a photoshoot…. that went as us puppies planned! Run around everywhere!!! There were some individual shots that we let them get, but we pretty threw a chaos party!

Here are the best moments as we steal the props and bolt everywhere! We all had fun though and the humans laughed a lot!



February 11, 2021 – Day 55

Hello Angels!

Today is preparation day! We have been preparing little bits here and there these last eight weeks, but now we are really starting to prep everything to the max. We will take our last set of headshots, stacked pictures and do nail trims with tonight or tomorrow morning!

Hey Everybody! Jill here:

So the humans made us stand still again today. We didn’t mind too much because we got to eat a bunch of treats/puppy food!

They also took a new set of headshots

It is always tradition for the humans to take pictures of the puppy packs before they leave with us. A bitter sweet picture for the humans as they start to cuddle and say goodbye to us puppies!

Best Wishes,


February 12, 2021 – Day 56

Goodbye Angels!

Over the past 8 weeks it has been extremely delightful to get to know each an every one of you! Your little quirks and personalities have made your time here such a pleasant experience. It is time that you leave us and bond with your new people and you get ready for the biggest change in your life!

Hello! Kimber here:

It was my pleasure to bring these four babies into the world in the middle of December! Time went by so fast! I wish them all the best of luck with their future endeavors with their forever families! No one will be more proud than I will to watch them grow and develop into accomplished puppies into their adulthood!

Farewell to Charlies Angels and Bosley as they are onto bigger and better things!

Kelly is headed home with her new mom and dad, Mikala and Jordan! Her name will be Phoebe. She will have lots of cousins to play with and be spoiled in her new home! She will be staying in the Pittsburgh area, so we hope to see her from time to time. Her registered name is Chalet’s Just Friends!

Bosley went home this afternoon too! He will make Jason and Kelly very happy for years to come. Kelly hopes to compete in some obedience and rally events with him and maybe do some UKC conformation showing as well! He will live with two of his long lost cousins, Fable and Frost, who are English Pointers. He will also be staying in the Pittsburgh area! They will call him Outlaw and his registered name will be Chalet’s Just Wanted At Citadel.

Jill is on to bigger and better things! Trish came for her this afternoon, but she will be loved by the whole family. She will also be staying in the Pittsburgh area. They are going to call her Méabh. Her registered name will be Chalet’s Just For The Craic!

Sabrina will leave us next weekend to live with her half brother Colt in Wisconsin!

Over and Out,