We are breeders of LUA Dalmatians. Our breeding program is designed to produce the healthiest companions we can. Our dogs are shown in both conformation and performance events.  All of our breeding dogs are fully health tested and titled with the American kennel Club.

Past Dogs

     Before Brady, we had rescue dogs. Tudy, a Dal with dual patched ears, was rescued from a lady that didn’t want her anymore. She was tied to the front patio, in heat. By the looks of her sores, she had been there quite a while. She lived until about 14 years old, and was one of the best dogs to have. She was great around young children, patient, and the best vacuum anyone could ask for. When she passed, a little while later, we rescued a red Doberman Pincher with floppy ears. His name was Dashel and his story is not as glamorous as Tudy’s was. He was about a year old, emaciated, and tied under the Verrazano Bridge, in Brooklyn, New York. They shipped him to PA for us, and became known as Dash, and often referred to as Mr. Dash.