Week 6

January 23, 2021 – Day 36

Hello Angels!

After a couple of days working on finding food on the floor, you are ready for a simple treat toy. It has different settings that allow for a beginner level and for a more advanced level. We started out on the easiest level to set you all up for success!

Hi All! Kelly here:

So, we got to try this thing today that throws food at us when we tap it. Well, we didn’t know at first that it threw food out when we bumped into it or tapped it, but it was still fun. It’s called a Bob-A-Lot!

Our other new addition was this mirror. The puppies seem to enjoy it a lot and sometimes even play with themselves in it! Here is Jill taking a look at herself!



January 24, 2021 – Day 37

Greetings Angels!

Today will be a much more relaxed day. There weren’t any new additions, just different forms of enrichment that you have all already seen. At times you will see a plastic jug with some puppy food in it.

Hi There! Jill here:

So the humans were right, we didn’t do anything newer today, just the same old same old. If you count it as new, we ate out of our own individual bowls during dinner time! I was very proud of myself because I spilled it in the first 3 seconds of my bowl being on the floor! The humans let out a big ooh and ahh so I can only assume that I did good!

For bedtime, the humans made our space smaller so that our potty mess is easier to manage in the morning. Well, here we are with Kelly leading the pack at telling them in the nicest way that we would like to have out pen left big please!

Here we are having fun!



January 25, 2021 – Day 38

Hello Angels!

Today is going to be a go with the flow type of day. We will don’t have anything specifically planned, but we hope to accomplish a lot. One thing that we hope happens is having two separate times playing in the kitchen.

What’s up? Kimber here:

Ok, so having a haphazard day like this is really confusing to me! Not that much but I do like my daily routine that includes sleeping, eating, running outside & playing with my housemates and puppies.

Today the humans didn’t have any plans except to get the puppies Puppy Play Time in the kitchen. Well on session number two in the kitchen, my daughter Kelly decided to try to fit through the gate that blocks off the kitchen to the dining/living room. Much to the humans surpass she fit through. Even though this batch of babies is much bigger than my other kids at this age, they still managed to fit through some of the small crevices. She was fine walking around in the living room all by herself because she didn’t make a peep. Actually she was checking things out behind my napping spot (AKA my sofa).

Some of my favorite pictures are a series of events… such as when Human Paris bounced a tennis ball across the room.

Another favorite series is when Bosley pulled the blanket off of the gate. Don’t get me wrong, he had HELPERS!

One reason that Puppy Culture is really great is because it teaches the puppy problem solving techniques on their own. Basically the humans don’t help the puppies if they get stuck unless they are in severe distress. Here you can see Sabrina in a tight gap between my food container. She didn’t cry, but you could tell that it wasn’t super easy for her to get out. By letting her figure out how to get out of this space, she learn to solve problems on her own.

Here are is the rest of their adventure!


January 26, 2021 – Day 39

So Angels!

We have something very special planned for you this evening after you meet some new people! We are going to attempt your first nail trim only using the Dremel tool. We have used the Dremel to soften the edges after trimming with clippers and a few spontaneous very very short seconds of tapping your nails, but this will be there first time only using the Dremel!

Hellooo! Bosley here:

We did two things that were super exciting today! We got to meet some new people named Susie and Amy. They are one of the humans longtime friends from Junior High School. They were super nice and very calm, which is what we need when we meet new people!

We also had a nail trim using only the Dremel for the first time! I’d say that it went pretty well considering that we got food the entire time! The humans are very particular about our nails being nice and short as to not touch the ground if possible.

If our nails touch the ground, our feed will be very flat, meaning our knuckles will not curl up as they are supposed to, like cat feet. If our feet are flat when we grow up, that can affect our whole front assemble as we will walk differently with flat feet. Another good thing for us to do is to walk on different types of surfaces such as hills, rocks, gravel, etc. That also helps with socialization as being on different surfaces and smelling around is a form of socialization/enrichment too!

Anyways, the humans couldn’t get a picture of us getting our toes done because one person was feeding us and the other was working with the Dremel.

Candids from today!



January 27, 2021 – Day 40

Hi Angels!

There is nothing special planned for you today, other than the basics. We will continue our resource guarding protocols such as petting you nicely when you are eating, giving you treats in your bowl while you are eating and simply touching you all over. We will also have a day designated to working with higher reward treats too!

So, Hi All! Kelly here:

So, as we are eating, the humans keep petting us really nicely, playing with our ears, playing with our tails, and giving us treats in our bowls as we are eating. It seems kinda weird to me, but who doesn’t like a nice back massage, a nice meal, good ingredients and happy voices? They say that I should remind everyone that these are the things that our new owners will need to continue on with us to prevent any issues from coming up. Aparentally its a thing that all dogs can do and its preventable!

We also got to play with Mom in the living room! It was more on the impromptu side of things, but it was super fun nonetheless!



January 28, 2021 – Day 41

Good Morning Angels!

Today we will continue with our resource guarding work around our bowls and start to work with some other higher reward foods as well. Every morning as well as a few time throughout the day we do something called The Barrier Challenge. It is a simple way to teach problem solving skills as well as using your brains to tire them out.

Hi Hi Hi! Sabrina here:

Every morning when we start out the day, in order to eat out breakfast, we have to do something called The Barrier Challenge. All this is a simple gate, that will act as a barrier, that we have to figure out how to maneuver around in order to get to out food. No videos of this as our morning can be quite hectic after a long night of no cleaning up.

We continues with our basic resource guarding work, such as the humans reaching in our bowls, adding extra food to the bowls, and petting us all over using really friendly and happy voices. The newer part of resource guarding is the humans putting a couple of pieces of chicken on the floor and us searching for it with the other siblings around. This is much higher value than our puppy food, so we are working on sharing it fro the get go, but we will need to do this for the rest of our life to keep any problems from arising. Soon we will work with trade offs with the humans too!

We also got to meet one of the humans friends from High School. Her name is Michelle and she was pretty fun to chew on!

We are also working on Manding every day, but the humans sometimes break code and pick us up without us sitting first!

Not too many candid pictures from today.



January 29, 2021 – Day 42

Hello Angels!

Two of our very good friends from the Greater Pittsburgh Dalmatian Club are coming today to check you guys out in person! We have a pretty good idea as far as your structure goes, but Barb Allison who is a longtime breeder of 40+ years of experience will make sure that we are all on the same page!

Hey, Everybody! Jill here:

Do when Barb got here today, she received a nice welcome of barks, hugs, and kisses from the big dogs. She said that we have beautiful faces and we are simply stunning puppies! She also remarked that everyone in the litter is spectacular! Chris arrived a bit later and had the same thoughts!

We also got microchipped today! The humans are pretty good at it and we didn’t even flinch; we didn’t even seem to notice!

We met the play house for the first time today, but we were more into chewing it than playing in it! Some of us even drug it across the floor!

Here are our newest set of headshots!