Week 5

January 16, 2021 – Day 29

Welcome Angels!

Today our big change is playing with Big Brother Wesson. Kimber will be there too, but she will likely be more of a supervisor. Wesson can get a bit rowdy sometimes, but he is usually pretty calm when it comes to you all!

Top of the Morning to You! Bosley here:

Puppy of the Day!

Hi! My name is Bosley, but you can call me Bos for short. They say that I can also be called Mr. Congeniality because I also love when people come in to play with us! I am super energetic and love to play with my sisters. I can be found sleeping, eating, or playing! I love when we get to explore the kitchen area and can’t wait until they let us see what the living room has to offer!

We got to play with Big Bro Wess today! That was fun! He was a little rowdy at first, but so are we! It was nice to be able to meet him for the first time and interact with him instead of seeing him from behind a gating system. Sabrina had a chance to say hi as well, but she was checking out her reflection in the appliances when these were taken.

Here we are playing in with our toys!

We also had a photoshoot and took new sets fo stacked pictures today too!

4 weeks went by so fast!

Talk to you later,


January 17, 2021 – Day 30

Hi Angels!

Today you will get to meet a new visitor and get some new obstacles to climb on. We have received your request for another addition and will take that into consideration as the day goes on. We will have to have the builders come back and reconfigure everything if your application is approved. Time will tell!

Hello! Jill here:

Puppy of the Day

Hello! My name is Jill. Sometime they call me Jilly for short or Just Jill. I am energetic and love to play with my siblings. Sometimes I even give them a sneak attack surprise and wake them up! I am often found in checking out the toys and chasing the humans when they are drying the floor after they mop. Maybe I could try some Couring Ability tests when I’m older!

Here we are with one of the humans longtime friends since Junior High. Her name is Michelle and she loves to give puppy kisses.

Hoping that our expansion application is approved soon!



January 18, 2021 – Day 31

Howdy Angels!

Congratulations! Your application for an addition has been approved, but we will need to make some adjustments with the type of building that you requested. We will need to use gating instead of the whelping box panels so that you can see out and be apart of the kitchen a bit more.

Hey All! Kelly here:

Puppy of the Day!

Hi! My name is Kelly, sometimes Kells! I am super cute and even have two patches! One on my face and one on my ear! I love to run around and play with toys. Don’t tell the humans, but sometimes I even crawl in the toy bin! I love to cuddle with my people too!

Here is our new digs! Our application was approved and upgraded to make the best place for us to be!

Here we are throughout the day too!



January 19, 2021 – Day 32

Hi Angels!

Not too many big changes today after yesterday having your environment changed just a bit, but you did Gert to have more interactions with the big dogs from inside to outside of your pen. Kimber and Wesson were intruders!

So… what’s up! Sabrina here:

Puppy of the Day!

Hi! I’m Sabrina! I take great pride in being the biggest of the girls! I work hard and get super excited when it comes time for feeding, and the humans even say that they will be moving us to our own individual bowls shortly. I often explore and look for new hiding places when my siblings are playing, but I do enjoy a good game of Tag from time to time. I love when the humans come in and sit with us because I get to cuddle up with them and take a well deserved nap!

We started off the day with a nice meal while the humans cleaned our play pen. Then we went on to play and had some interactions inside and outside of our place. You can see that Mom and Wess are breaking in to check on us and lead us out into the kitchen. and then we got to play for a while too!

Sometimes after we eat, we get a snack thrown on the floor to work our brains. We have to sniff out the puppy food as an enrichment exercise. This will get us ready for when the humans give us food dispensing toys. That way when the food comes out we already know to look for it! Wesson even got in on the action!

We are also getting more and more used to our puppy call too.

Pssst… Pssst… Pssst

Here we are on the rest of our adventure!

We are figuring out this potty patch thing too! We know where it is, but sometimes we have trouble getting to it in time. I say that we hit the patch about 60-70% of the time now. Definitely improving day by day!

Best Wishes,


January 20, 2021 – Day 33

Good Morning Angels!

We have a very exciting event planned for you all this after noon and know that you have all been awaiting for it to happen some time now. You will each get to go on about a 5 minute field trip, give or take, to either the soon to be dog room (Payton’s bedroom after the rest of her items are moved to her new house) or into the living room.

Hi Hi Hi! Jill, Kelly & Sabrina here:

So today we got to explore other parts of the house. At different times, we got to go to different rooms and were able to explore around. I (Jill) got to take a trip into the living room and hand out on the couch with my people, Mom, and Weird Uncle Brady. Bosley also got to go into the living room a couple of minutes later and play with Mom and Big Brother Wesson. We all thought that it was super fun to be able to see a whole new environment!

And then I (Sabrina) accompanied Paris into the new dog room to deliver some of the equipment that we no longer need from our super young puppy days. About an hour later I (Kelly) went accompanied Paris to the dog room for the same reason! It was super fun! I got to explore the bed and the floor and run and play! Mom and Wess helped both me and Sabrina learn that it is good to be in new places!

We all loved out field trip and did awesome being in a new place. Bosley said that he has a fun time too!

We also played in the kitchen and only ran off down the hallway once! That was a fun game of hide and seek!


Charlie’s Angels

January 22, 2021 – Day 34

Good Evening Angels!

Our newest form of enrichment also comes as socialization too. You will meet an umbrella. It will hopefully start out as socialization and end with playing! You will also continue with your normal routine and have some kitchen playtime!

Hello! Jill here:

Today was the most fun day ever! We started the day off right with a nice big meal! The humans said that tomorrow is the day for trying out our own bowls! Next we had kitchen playtime and were able to play with Big Brother Wesson and Mom.

Later on, we got to meet and umbrella. The first time that we were introduced, Bosley was already in bed but didn’t care to come out and see what it was all about. Us girls however didn’t seem to care. It just looked like a big huge chew toy. We even pushed it across the floor a little!

Then, the next time that Bosley was awake, out came the umbrella again. No one seemed was afraid at any point and we all loved it! One fo the humans sat down with it above us and spun it. Then they spun it a bit higher and then set it down again. We really enjoyed that! It was enrichment and socialization in one!

We finished the day off with another nice meal! But don’t get me wrong, we do enjoy Mom’s milk from time to time!

Best Wishes,


January 22, 2021 – Day 35

G’day Angels!

Our new addition is a puppy play station made out of PVC pipe. Thank you to our friend Chris who lent it to us and Fred for building it! You will all love it! Other than that we will take a new set of stacked pictures and headshots!

Heyyo! Sabrina here:

We had a lot of fun today! We played, got treats for standing still, and had a photoshoot for just our faces! The playing was on and off thought the day, but everything else was planned. Along with all of that we did our fair share of sleeping too.

Here we are seeing the play station for the first time!

Here we are stacked!

Our next set of head shots!

Ta Ta For Now,