Week 4

January 9, 2021 – Day 22

G’day Angels!

We don’t have anything special planned for today, but we have noticed that you are becoming mire and more playful by the day. We are hoping to see your personalities start to come out more and more!

Hi! Bosley here:

Each of our cuddle sessions were a field trip in one of the humans arms while taking a walk around the yard. I slew the entire time it was so comfy! But the Angels were saying that they looked and even peeked at the outside world.

The humans keep saying that we are getting more active and playful. They all laughed and said that I looked like a bunny hopping around today with Kelly. That was fun!

A while a go we started to almost escape from the box when there was something that was higher on the inside, but they weren’t able to get a picture of it. Here Me and Kelly are trying our hardest to get out with just a bed on the other inside.

Other than that, we just looked super cute today!

Kind Regards,


January 10, 2021 – Day 23

So, Angels!

We have something very special for you planned for tomorrow, but you did get to meet your older brother today! He has met you multiple times, but this is the first that you re meeting him! Your other big brother, Tripp, moved out about a week ago otherwise you would have been able to meet him too! Everyone loved Wesson and Kimber was happy to introduce the 5 of you!

Hi Hi Hi! Wesson here:

I am a little excited today because the babies are finally moving around and acting like little dogs! I can be very rambunctious and active, but today I was cool, calm and collected. The humans and Kimber introduced the puppies to me today. Although it was somewhat impromptu, they still got some awesome pictures of us! It was somewhat new territory for the puppies because they haven’t been out in the vestibule of the box yet. Anyway, here we are during our meet and greet!

The humans often play a game called “Count the Puppies” and told me to share a picture of it for you all to play too! They said that this is one of the more interesting times.

We are getting better at using the potty!

Here are the puppies being goofy!

Catch you on the flip side!


January 11, 2021 – Day 24

Hey Angels!

We followed through with our plans from yesterday and got your feet wet…literally. Every did fine and no one freaked out, but some seemed to be more okay with it than others. I think since it was such a new sensation on your feet you may have been more confused than anything.

Everyone, Hi! Jill here:

So as you have all heard, we literally got our feet wet today. The humans had this tray thing sitting right in our walking path to the potty, so there was only a small section of carpet for us to get around it. We took it in stride nevertheless. I even almost enjoyed it.

Sabrina went first as she drew the short straw and said that it wasn’t all that bad. Then Kelly took her turn and said she wasn’t fond of it but she could get used to the feeling. I went next and spent the most time in the tray and even took a few laps of the water. Since we’re still nursing we don’t need to have that much water, but the humans will put some out for us tomorrow in a small bowl. Bosley decided to give it a try too but didn’t stick around for as long as I did. We all did great all in all! Maybe next time we can have a water balloon fight!

That was our big piece of enrichment for the day. Other wise we just grew and learned more and more about the world.

Oh…I forgot top mention that I had my turn out in the kitchen with he bog dogs. Wesson was very calm at first and them started to get a little rowdy. We each offered a little play bowl and chewed a toy for a little while!

Mom watched the whole time to make sure that we were all okay!

Other than that, here we are looking super cute!

Bye Bye,


January 12, 2021 – Day 25

Good Evening Angels!

Today you will have your first taste of food. We fed you around dinner time, and will gradually work up to us feeding you breakfast, lunch and dinner and Kimber will feed you as she pleases until we take over that job full time. It is best to wean you off of Kimber’s milk slowly to avoid any complications.

Hey! Kimber here:

So although I am prepared to feed my babies all on my own for a bit longer, the humans convinced me to let them lend a helping hand. They said that it would be beneficial if they were mire motivated by their food than my food for training sessions and some other fun things that they have planned. That all made sense to me, so I made sure that everything went as planned and them got to clean up afterwards.

Speaking of cleaning up, the babies were so neat that there really wasn’t anything to clean. I am used to my kids being all messy, having food all over their paws and faces, and all over the floor. But these four were very clean so I am disappointed that I didn’t get clean anything up. Although I did get lots of cookies throughout the day, so I’m pretty happy.

Although I have never met Justus in person, we have been chatting online since July. I realized that I wanted him to be this litter’s father when I saw just how handsome he was. A couple of months later, I went to the Dr. to try for puppies one last time. Then my babies arrived in the middle of December. And three + weeks later, here we are!

I love all 23 of my kids!


January 13, 2021 – Day 26

Nice to see you again Angels!

Today will be the beginning of daily changes. First we made a super big one but expanding your area. You will all love the extra space once you see how nice it is to stretch your legs better. After today, we will change your toys around daily and give you different things to work your little brains.

Heyo! Sabrina here:

Yesterday we were sitting and thinking and we decided that it was time to add an addition to our house. So we searched for the beast contractor around, but only two popped up on our google search. They were rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by the previous litter’s, so we decided to go with them.

We were debating on and L-shape or just a big long rectangle. It worked out better to go with he L-shaped option, so we put in our order and waited. It only took a day for them to come and reconstruct and add a section to our house. Here’s how it looks!

Since this was a major change to our world, we didn’t do anything new today. We did play a lot and even ate 2 full meals of puppy food. Other than the puppy food, mom fed us too. She said that we have to wean slowly because she will continue to produce however much milk is needed and it is best to transfer slowly.

Bosley was the first one to try a crate for the first time, but the rest of us came in to test it out later on!

Oh! I almost forgot! We learned some super cool news today! The embark panels came back and two of us are LUA. We are all clear on all other genetic conditions which is awesome! Here are the LUA & HUA results!

Bosley: N/hu

Jill: HUA

Kelly: HUA

Sabrina: N/hu

Here we are looking super cute today!

Best Wishes,


January 15, 2021 – Day 27

Hello Angels!

We didn’t add any new obstacles, well I guess you could call him an obstacle, but we did add a new human. He is tall but very calm, perfect for your little brains to socialize with. Since everything went so well, we will be able to have some new visitors here and there. We don’t want to push anything too fast, but you will get to meet some new faces, even if it is on video chat!

Hi! Kelly here:

One thing that the humans forgot to mention in our morning briefing is that we lost our support beam (AKA box panel) because we were getting too tall to run under it and the humans were afraid that we would hit our heads.

Other than that, we saw a new human today. We loved him! He was gentle and kind! He is one of the humans work bosses and stoped over for s quick visit.

Some of us also found the water bowl and actually took quick drink instead of just looking at the water and touching our noses to it. Jill went first, but I wasn’t too far behind!

Other than that, here we are looking very safisticated!



January 15, 2021 – Day 28

Good Evening Angels!

Today was your first elongated field trip…all together! You all did great and took it in stride. We had a few new additions today including a tunnel, being out of your box for more than 30 seconds & Grammy Chris! Chris bred Kimber’s mom Hope, who is now owned by LaDonna King, and owns Kimber’s Grandma Bridgette!

Hey All! Jill, Sabrina & Kelly here:

We started the day off right with the milk bar and some softened food. Mom and Wesson cleaned up after us even though there was barely a mess. And if there was, we guarantee that it was Bosley. We are prim and proper…ish!

After that we took a well deserved nap after a little play session. when we woke up, we were greeted by the big big world, AKA the kitchen outside of our box. We wandered around, played in a tunnel and even found one of the bog dog beds. Apparently the humans call them cozy caves because they open up and you can lay inside of them. We didn’t find the opening, but it sure was fun to crawl around onto of it! Here was out big adventure!

The humans are also making us sit before we get any attention. This is called manding. It is just as hard on them as it is on us, believe me. After a few attempts at jumping, we catch on pretty quick! Here I (Kelly) am working on being a good little puppy!

Later in the afternoon, Grammy Chris came for a visit. We loved her and even put up with all of her goofy noises and play gestures! Here she is giving Mom a kiss.

We also took new headshots!

We are also really liking this big box that the humans call a crate! They say that it is best to start young!


Charlie’s Angels