Week 3

January 2, 2021 – Day 15

It’s a pleasure to chat with you today Angels!

You are doing the same old thing today and getting more used to your new surroundings. Since you are still super young, you sleep for about 23+ hours out fo the day! The other hour is spent walking around and nursing. Tomorrow will be the last day for ENS and we will start more with your CER!

Morning! Sabrina here:

I’m not sure how much the humans share about our wacky sleeping positions, but we try to make them laugh the best we can! Sometimes I like to give the potty a try, but it isn’t as soft as the bed!

As far as the others, they sleep between pillows, over the edge of the bed, or even between the wall and a pillow! And don’t let them know…but they sleep in the potty from time to time too!

Kelly hung out with Mom while the rest of us slept.

I decided that I wanted to take a nap all by myself for a little!



January 3, 2021 – Day 16

Good Job Angels!

You have successfully completed your first at length assignment! All 14 (days 3 – 16) days of ENS were executed perfectly! Which now means that we will move onto our next mission tomorrow. Something new that we added today was the sound of the Dremel tool. I hope to start to use it sometime later this week as it is best to start early to work on our CER. We weren’t even fazed, although your ears may not be open 100% of the way just yet, although we are showing signs of being able to hear our surroundings!

Hi! Kelly here:

This is the tool that the humans will use for when we are still tiny puppies, because it is a softer style and not as loud. It doesn’t work as well once our nails get harder in a couple of weeks, but it is great for introducing us to the world of vibrations on our toes when we are young!

The humans also snuck in while we were sleeping and our eyes were closed to take some pictures with the nice camera. Our spots are really starting to come in!

I was also happy to see that Mom was back to napping with her favorite adult in the house, Brady. I like to call him my Weird Uncle Brady because he isn’t really related to us very closely, but he lives here and Mom taught us to address adults with a title.. so I came up with one!



January 4, 2021 – Day 17

Hello Angels!

Another new assignment landed on my desk this morning for you all. For the next few days we will be practicing Startle and Recovery. We only do it for a few days because the goal is to create a solid recovery time while not interfering with the fear period that you will all go through shortly.

So, everyone! Bosley here:

This was something that was brand new to us. You took the PC book and dropped it on the outside of our nice safe habitat, right on the hard floor. It made a solid bang and it gave us a “fright” to quote Chessy from the newer version of the Parent Trap. We didn’t mind and went right back to sleep. Here we are with our first session!

After the first time, we asked mom why the humans did this and she said that it was to prepare us for the great big world. She mentioned that she even went through the same protocol as she was raised with PC too! She said that we shouldn’t be afraid of this and that it was just a startle for a second and then back to our normal activities. Here we are with our second session of Startle and Recovery!

Mom did say that she heard the humans whispering by the fridge about starting with Pssst Training tomorrow. I’m not sure what that means, but she seemed excited because she will get in on that action as well!

Mom does occasionally like to steal our toys!

Here is Sabrina taking a nap today!



January 5, 2021 – Day 18

Hello Angels!

Today we will start an assignment that will last until you leave, and possibly the rest of your life if your new owners wish to continue it.  It is something that we call Pssst training.  It is kind of exactly what it sounds like!  We say “Pssst” when you are eating.  Your Puppy Call will be Pssst!

Nice to “see” you again!  Kelly here:

Since we aren’t on solid food just yet, we will get little bits of high quality raw ground beef here and there.  It will just be the size of a pea for me and my sisters and Bosley a couple of times a day.  While we’re here, and maybe with our new owners as well, we will get supplements of raw food.  When we’re older and have teeth, we will even get small pieces of chicken wings and other types of raw food!

For some of you who may be sitting there thinking “Bones and all?”, the answer to that is YES!  Of course cooked bones are no good because they splinter and puncture things inside of our bodies, but raw bones crumble, clean our teeth, and boost our immune systems!  Just think about it, what do foxes, coyotes, and wolves eat?  

If you are interested in learning more about raw feeding, you can check out the B.A.R.F. Diet!

Here we are having out first Pssst training session and our first bit of raw food.  Don’t worry, Mom got some too!

As always, here are our candids from today!



January 6, 2021 – Day 19

Good Evening Angels!

We have been keeping up on all of your normal activities these day and haven’t changed much. We have continued with your startle and recovery and you have done wonderful with it. Your Pssst training is improving as well and will be put to the test when you have your first meal.

Well… Jill here:

We got to have more of that yummy beef twice today! That was fun! Mom even got in on it and had to test it to make sure that it was good enough for us. She said she really wasn’t that worried because she knows that the humans would never do anything to harm us.

Startler and recovery… oh, I’m over that. We have mastered the art of getting over a little alarming noise. The humans act surprised as if we are anything but perfect… at least I am, I even almost made it to the potty today. The others are well on their way, don’t get me wrong! Sometimes we get a foot or two in, or we are heading in the direction of the potty.

Usually we all decide to play at different times or chew on someones ears as they are sleeping, but today, we decided to all play at the same time! Boy that was fun!

Here we are during the day!

As you can see, Bosley has a little issue with personal space, although Sabrina looks pretty comfy.



January 7, 2021 – Day 20

Howdy Angels!

Today there won’t be much that has changed, but you will get to try the Dremel tool for the first time on your feet. It will be very quick to smooth the edges and will take the place of the nail file until you are more used to it. But if I know you all well, you will all do great with it.

So… Kimber here:

The humans put the grind thing on my puppies feet today. It’s the same type that they use on us big dogs, just a smaller less powerful version. They didn’t seem to mind too too much although I was watching the whole time to make sure that nothing went wrong. Here is getting her nails smoothed.

Although I look like I’m in jail here, I assure you all that the humans offered to let me out multiple times and I refused each time.

Even though I watch them very close, today I was released from “bed rest” to let my incision heal. Here I am digging under my favorite tree.

And a few sleeping candids, because there can never be too many of my gorgeous pups!

It’s been fun chatting today,


January 8, 2021 – Day 21

Good Morning Angels!

Since you are now THREE WEEKS OLD, we are not only going to do our normal headshots, but also add some stacked pictures into the mix too! Will all do great I promise! Since you are still pretty young we don’t accept much of you, but we hope that you all get some good practice in!

What’s Happening! Sabrina here:

Today we did our normal headshots as planned and the humans came up with some super cute pictures of us! Here they are!

Since we will not do any formal stack training for a couple of weeks or so, this took a sense of humor and a lot of patience. For those of you who are not familiar with with what stacking is, I wanted to talk about it a little. Stacking is a show stance that all breeds use in the same way to see the structure of the dog and how well it matches to that specific breed’s standard. Every breed except German Shepherd Dogs and english Bulldogs are stacked in the same way. Here we are! I must add that Bosley was a bit on the tired side… All in all, we did pretty good I think!

The humans are trying really really hard to get us to potty in the patches, so they moved them closer to our bed and decided to add a litter box as well as the potty patches. It seems to be working a bit better because were making it to the bathroom much more often.