Week 2

December 26, 2020 – Day 8

Greeting Angels!

We had another side mission at Kimber’s request in the first few hours this morning that everyone did super well with. Everyone had another nail trim. You all even allowed for me to file the rough edges that can hurt Kimber’s stomach with a standard nail file! Speaking of nails…Kimber and the other big dogs nails will be next!

What’s happening?? Sabrina here:

Other than our 2 AM nail trim, we didn’t do much today other than the basics. I did dare Jill to taste my feet and much to my surprise, she did it! I think she may have thought that they were mom’s milk bar by mistake, but Kelly and Bosley enjoyed laughing at it!

We graduated to the big scale that we will use for the rest of our time here.

Oh…everyone keeps wanting me to let you all know that we have been getting some yogurt once or twice a day when Mom has a spoonful or two. The yogurt helps replace some of the digestive bacteria that is depleted from the antibiotic that she takes because of the C-section. We all get a small pea sized amount of yogurt too! We are messy and usually Mom cleans it off of us pretty fast, but sometimes she misses a few areas.



December 27, 2020 – Day 9

What’s Happening Angels!

We are starting to notice that some of your eyes are getting really close to opening. That means that we will have too hold off on all flash photography for a little while until they are adjusted to the light better.

Hi-ya! Jill here:

One of the humans got two new games called Mexican Train Dominos and Wheel Of Fortune. They say that they are super fun and tried to explain them to us but we didn’t understand. I like when they decide to build puzzles better because there aren’t a bunch of rules that you have to follow.

Some of us even gave walking a try today too! Kelly was the best, but I wasn’t too bad either. We are still super wobbly!

When the humans change our bedding, we have to go into this smaller box that they put us in a box and thought that everyone would want to see us in it.

Here are some other candids from today!

Bye Bye,


December 28, 2020 – Day 10

Hurry Angels!

A very important assignment came in the mail this afternoon. Embark sent 4 panels for us to take buccal swabs. They will test your DNA and we will know as much about you as possible. There is no real deadline, but the sooner the assignment is completed, the better!

Dear Everybody, Kimber here:

So, my two legged friends really worried me today. First, Paris brought in a white box from the mailbox. Then they took these giant looking q-tips and shoved them into my 4 little youngsters mouths and rolled it all around on their cheeks for what seemed like forever, but I’m sure it was only about 30-40 seconds per puppy. And before that, they even made me stay away from my babies so that my DNA didn’t get into their mouths through my milk.

If I have to be honest, my babies weren’t really all that upset. Bosley almost seemed to like it. Kind of as if he was eating a lolli-pop. Here Sabrina is in the middle of her swab.

Something else that is exciting is that Jill, Sabrina and Bosley started to open their eyes today. It will be a few days before they are open all the way, but the other two puppies aren’t far behind! Since they are open, I directed the humans to not use any flash photography for about a week or so until their eyes are better adjusted. Here is Jill showing off her eyes. If you look really really close, you can see them opening in the corner!

Bosley and Jill took a wobbly stroll this morning!

Here are today’s candids!



December 29, 2020 – Day 11

Cheers Angels

Your ears are beginning to slowly open, as well as your eyes, and you will shortly begin to hear noises for the first time. Right on schedule, which means that we will soon see that you are developing a bit of a Conditioned Emotional Response (CER). I have a theory about you being able to feel sound waves before you eyes open, similar to a vibration on the floor, but that is a story for another time! As a side note, your DNA samples arrived at the testing facility this morning and we should receive results in 2-4 weeks if all goes as planned.

Salute! Charlie’s Angels & Bosley here:

We stuck with our same old same old routine today. ENS went well and we are all gaining weight like crazy! We are getting more used to being turned every which way when the the humans do all of those silly exercises with us!

Every day we get Individual Puppy Cuddle Time. This just means that we each get a few minutes with one of the humans and some nice calm strokes of petting down our backs and legs. Well…today it was exciting! Instead of having our cuddle time in the box, which is where it usually is, we got to go on another field trip to the other side of the kitchen where we were cuddled and kept warm. Here we are all wrapped up!

Mom has been spending gradually more and more time outside of the box, but still keeping a close eye on us!

Since she is willing to leave us for a few minutes here and there, she was finally able to get her nails done. She said that this is the longest that her nails have ever been since things have been so hectic with us little ones here. Mom thinks that it is super important to have your nails trimmed at lease once a week so that your feet and body can grow properly. She says that the humans are super particular about her nails not being too long, but she doesn’t mind, because it leads to a better lifestyle for her anyways. Here are her nails before and after her nail trim today. She says that more length could have come off of them, but we shouldn’t try to take too much during one nail trim. So they will be trimmed them again in a few days.

Just incase anyone wants to take a look at this blog post by Susan Garrett, I will add a link. This is the information that got Paris hooked on making sure that the all of the dogs nails are kept short as it can affect the structure and overall health of the dog! (the video on the blog post is pretty great too!)

Here are our candids from today!

Ta Ta For Now,

Bosley, Jill, Kelly & Sabrina

December 30, 2020 – Day 12

Good Morning Angels!

We are going to keep everything mostly the same until this evening when we will switch up your sleeping arrangements. Since you are releasing on your own now, we added a potty area and a bumper bed.

How goes it? Kelly here:

Do you believe that all of our eyes are opening? Sabrina’s are open the most, but everyone keeps talking about how blurry the world is. I guess it will be like this for a little while until they are better adjusted. Here is Sabrina showing off her open eyes!

Now, for the new business…they added some type of “Potty Patch” as they call it, but most of us like to take naps on it. Apparently now that we are releasing on our own, we are supposed to use it to go pee and poop. If we start to use it for that type of business, I doubt that you will find any of us sleeping in there!

We originally started out with a brand new bed, but there wasn’t enough room for Mom to lay in there with us. So we switched to this cat bed (yes…the one that the Jasper-Kimber litter was obsessed with) which is the perfect size for us four and mom to sleep nap with us too!

And then…when no one was in it, mom stole our bed!

Here are today’s candids!



December 31, 2020 – Day 13

How are you Angels!

Tomorrow will be a very exciting day planned! There will be a huge change to your environment! Something that won’t change is the us playing classical music, which will continue until you are off to your new homes, with owners who will have their very own set of their own assignments for you all!

Howdy Everyone! Bosley here:

The humans keep talking about how they plan to execute our mission tomorrow in the most efficient manner. I really don’t know much about it, but apparently we will be upgrading! That sounds exciting!

Since we came home, the humans have been playing classical music. In Puppy Culture (PC) we are supposed to listen to classical music primarily, but have listened to bits of other styles too. The classical music is supposed to help us calm down and learn to settle ourselves. Since Mom is a PC puppy too, the humans have been playing it for her. Now that we are here and because the humans have a theory about how we may be able to feel the sound waves of classical music while our eyes and ears were still closed. Nonetheless, it is beneficial regardless. Here we are with Mom right before taking a well deserved nap!

Mom and one of the humans (Elaine) sat and watched us for a while too! They call this puppy TV because its hard to look away from our cute little faces!

Our teeth are starting to come in too! Here Jill is showing hers off!

Big Brother Wesson stepped in to check on us!

Here is Kelly peeking out of the corner of the box.



January 1, 2020 – Day 14

Happy New Year Angels!

2 WEEKS OLD ALREADY!!! As we had talked about yesterday, we will make a huge change to your environment! We will not only double your space, but remove the pig rails and relocate you to the other side of the kitchen. You are now against Paris’ bedroom wall!

Frohes Neues Jahr! Jill & Kelly here:

Wow! That was exciting! We got front row seats to see our entire world change right before our eyes. The humans moved EVERYTHING! It took a couple of hours and 3 humans to do the work, but it was well worth it! The box is by the wall now, the kitchen table is next to the island and the blow up mattress, well…it has multiple places now. This is mom taking a nap with us this afternoon!

The humans also made us hold still for our weekly headshots again. Since we our eyes are still a bit sensitive to light, and the new digital camera isn’t the best in darker settings without a flash, the humans used their phones for these headshots. They aren’t as clear as the other ones, but we’ll give them a pass this time becasue they more worried about us than getting the perfect clear photos.

Oh… and here are the outtakes!

Big Brothers Tripp & Wesson did come in to tuck us into bed last night too, so rest assured everyone, they are still performing all of their brotherly duties!

See ya later alligators,

Jill & Kelly