Week 7


DAY 43

Today we took a new set of stacked pictures and played with the puppies. We didn’t do many new things, or change much as we are in the middle two stressful days, so we wanted to keep things quiet. Between yesterday with them getting microchiped and tomorrow being mothers day with us cooking in the kitchen we just wanted to keep things calm.


DAY 44

Happy mothers day to all to all of the moms out there, of all species!

Since we were cooking a good bit of the day int he kitchen, some of the pups were showing a bit of odd behavior. This wasn’t unexpected because we had 7 people in the kitchen laughing and cooking. As soon as we noticed we moved all unnecessary people to the living room, turned on our classical music, finished cooking, and then enjoyed the rest of the nice elsewhere. While keeping a close eye in the live camera that we have on the pups, there was no more odd behavior from anyone.

This is what we did in the morning before all of the commotion…PLAY!


DAY 45

Since we had a very busy weekend, including Friday, we have been taking it easy. Making sure to let the pups play and keeping it fun.


DAY 46

Something funny about these puppies VS the last litter is how well they do with the potty patches. Neither of us can remember the last time that we cleaned up an accident outside of the grass patches. On the other hand, manding isn’t going quite as smoothly, but that is most likely our error for not alway making them sit when we are in the pen with them. On the contrary, manding when we are on the outside of the pen and the pups are on the inside is working great, which is why I believe that we are the issue. Unfortunately, we only took one picture, I know, I know bad puppy parents! Since it was this one it made me think about the manding and the use of the potty patches.


DAY 47

Long time friend and mentor, Barb Allison of Rim Rock Dalmatians, came to evaluate the puppies today. Some of you may know the story of how we got our first show dog, Brady, who was originally bought as a pet and then turned into a show dog because many of the Greater Pittsburgh Dalmatian Club members said that he needed to be shown. Cut to almost six years later, and here we are with 10 puppies! So anyways, when Barb was here, she confirmed what I was already thinking, which is that we have two pups that we would like to be shown. Taurus and Wesson are the two show prospects. Although there are some others that can be shown too, we are ok with them being pets as we believe that there really isn’t a need to have the same pedigree out there so many times.

Here are some pictures of tonight’s play session in the kitchen!

Tomorrow is the hearing test! We should know where these pups will be going sometime this weekend or shortly after. We understand that it will be somewhat short notice as the hearing test was pushed back a week, so if they have to stay for another couple days or so that is fine with us.


DAY 48

As we have all been anticipating, today was the hearing test. All of the puppies have Bi-lateral hearing, meaning that they can all hear in both of their ears. Due to the pandemic, we could not go in with the pups, but we did make sure that everything was to the max to make the vet and her tech’s lives easier. Here they are on their way into the office and on the way home. Since I was not able to go in with them, I could not take a picture. So to rectify the situation, we thought that it would be a good idea to post a picture of Kimber having her hearing test done when she was a puppy.

Kimber having her hearing test as a pup.

The car ride was 2 hours each way and a two hour wait in the middle for the actual appointment. The pups did great not the way there! No accidents, minimal crying, no car sickness. we couldn’t have asked for a better trip up to Cleveland. On the way back, it was almost the same, but someone had an accident when we were almost home.

Car sickness in puppies is very common as it has a lot to don with the inner ear development and usually goes away with age and growth. because no-one had any issues, I do not expect that that will be a problem while they are on the way to their new homes.

Since this was a very stressful day for everyone involved and the pups seemed to handle it like champs, we will hold off on all new activities for the rest of today and tomorrow.


DAY 49

Happy Seven Week Birthday Puppies!

The night went pretty smoothly, and no one seemed stressed when we got home and they all quickly adapted back to their old routines. For the past couple of days, Payton has been hosting “Payton’s Puppy Playtime” which is nice, because it gives us a chance to not have to plan an activity for their little brains. Here are a couple of pictures from today’s session of “Payton’s Puppy Playtime!”