Week 6


DAY 36

Puppy of the Day

Ruger is extremely friendly and a lover. He is constantly giving kisses and jumping into our laps. He is Mr. Congeniality to say there least. He is going to make someone the perfect pet.

Here are the latest headshots and stacked pictures from today:

The pups did better at stacking today than last week.

We played with a box witch was super exciting for about 5 minutes and them they went onto bigger and better things like always.

Today we used the Dremel tool to trim the puppies nails. When using the Dremel to do the nails, it is best to start young. Some people like to put the dogs on a grooming table, however we have only had luck when sitting with our legs straight with the dogs on their backs with their feet up. We have found it to be best to use MANY treats at first. I also do puppy nails every day (When we don’t have a whole litter), barely taking any length off (just for the sound and feeling) and then 1-2 times a week once they are used to it. For proper development of the dog’s feet, the nails shouldn’t click on the floor. If you are doing it with two people, one can continuously give treats while the other person is in charge of the Dremel. If you are doing it alone, I would do one nail, give lots of treats, do another nail, give lots of treats and so on. The Dremel will not cut the quick however it can get close enough that it can hurt them and it can bleed. The friction can also cause the nail to get hot. Dremeling dog nails can take some time to get used to for everyone involved, so don’t be worried if things don’t go as planned the first time you try it. 

There are many YouTube videos to watch but you have to find what works for you. 

The first picture is Brady demonstrating how we want our dogs to be positioned while trimming. The second one is of Butterball (From the Cookie Litter) waiting patiently. The third one is of Biscotti (now Tripp from the Cookie Litter) demonstrating how we hold wiggly puppies until they’ve become used to the trimming procedure. The third position can be easy to trim the rear nails if they are super wiggly.

These three pictures are from a year and a half ago.

This video is of how almost all of the puppies behaved during the nail trim. Despite wanting to catch each of them on video, we could only convince Payton to video one puppy.


DAY 37

Puppy of the Day

Raven is a very active girl. She is always wanting to play with the other puppies and is often napping in some of the strangest places such as the potty area and she also thinks that the back of my calves when I am kneeling is a comfy spot to nap too!

We also went outside for some play time yesterday too. they seem to really like it our there!

Here is the after math, all tuckered out!

This bed was donated to the puppies by our cat Simon. He wasn’t the biggest fan of it, but they sure do! It is a bit small for them, but they don’t mind. They have mastered it and know how to fit 5-6 puppies on top like a 3D puzzle.


DAY 38

Puppy of the Day

Remington is an active girl. She is often found sitting and watching and if often perched on top of the slide. She would do well as an agility dog or a lovely pet. She is intelligent and HAPPY! Her tail never seems to stop, but neither of those things are abnormal for this litter!

Today we did some work with resource guarding as a preventative measure. The results were as expected as we have not seem any signs of resource guarding. Every time that they are eating their kibble, we make sure to stick our hands in everyone’s bowl so they are used to it. This is a practice that the adults in their new homes should also practice. We were working with marrow bones, as they are a very high reward. Every puppy got a turn with the bones. Although they really like food, some of them want to be with us more.

Having the loose bowls is great because we can make so many fun designs with them!

They really like to nap in the water bowl tray. This picture of Astra is what we typically find during the day, but the other picture is when I was changing their water last night right before bed. They stole my spot!!

When going through the videos, I realized that on Saturday the puppies had their first nail trim with the Dremel. Since it happened on Saturday (5-2-20) I went back and added it to that blog post. I also was able to fix the barrier challenge videos from the other day as well.


DAY 39

Puppy of the Day Superlatives

This was a new toy for them. It is called a Jolly Ball. We had to wait for them to be big enough that they couldn’t for their heads through the holes.

Remi can sleep in the strangest places!

I think they liked the tunnel! Smith even decided that it was a good place to take a nap!

We are also very happy to announce that we have only had 2 or 3 poops and pees outside of the potty patches. This group is amazing!


DAY 40

Not too much going on today. The puppies have loved to walk on the Sit ‘n Spin and slide around on it, but this was a first. Taurus was perched up on top and then his buddy Ruger came along to check it out. We had originally bought it because when Kimber was a puppy, she loved it too!

Since some of you may not have seen Kimber’s litter’s blog, I though that I would post a link to it. Kimber was originally Bonnie in the litter and wore the solid red collar. A special thanks to her breeder, LaDonna King, for entrusting us with such a fun girl!

Today we put down metal spoons and puppy sized dumbbells that are used for obedience trials. Both of these are used to represent articles. They were being used to see who has a natural knack for competing in some obedience trials.


DAY 41

Not too much going on today. We have noticed a few pups that like to be on top of things, such as things that are likely to cause a mess if they get pushed over. One thing in particular that I would be talking about are the water container. Not naming any names, but thank you Raven. That was fun to clean up. They are also often piggy backing on one another when they are sitting. I don’t have a picture for that, but I have to get one next time!

Here is Astra demonstrating how to put forth minimal effort to get a drink. She woke up from a nap, arched her head over, took a drink, and then went back to sleep..WITHOUT MOVING!


DAY 42

Happy Six Week Birthday!

All of the puppies were microchipped today. Everyone did well with it and there wasn’t too much squirming. Before everyone goes to their new home, we will register the chips online. We will be vaccinating them in this weekend too.

Here are their headshots from today!