Week 8


DAY 50

Today we did another nail trim and then we took a new set of stacked pictures and head shots. These puppies have stunning faces. Maybe I’m bias, that’s ok! In the next week we will begin to prep for them to leave the nest and start our puppy packs and think about what registered names we are going to give the puppies. Of course, we will consult with all of their owners as we will want for everyone to love their registered name, but the theme will be guns as well. Some examples are: Chalet’s Packing Heat, Chalet’s Son Of A Gun, Chalet’s Top Gun… Ok, you get the point.


DAY 51

We ventured outside again today as it was a beautiful day for puppies to play. Not much has been going on today, just relaxing and playing with puppies. Side note, none of the puppies are scared of the blender, vacuum, leaf blower, hair dryer, and the list goes on… yesterday was our a cleaning day so the pups went through a whole lot of cleaning.


DAY 52

This week is the busiest week for us because the pups are getting bigger and playing much more. We re also emotionally and physically prepping for them to go home starting on Friday.

Seeing how they react to us taking their water away to refill it, for literally 3 minutes, is one of the funniest things that I have seen. It is as if they had been abandoned in a desert without water, and they just stumbled upon a watering hole. That picture is exactly what I am talking about. Yes, there are 9 of the 10 trying to drink at the same time.


DAY 53

This may be a bit delayed, but today we finally got a picture of the piggybacking puppies! Here Ruger is piggybacking on Raven as they wait for their food to be prepared. Sometime that are somewhat calm and other times they are everything but calm. This was one of those everything but calm times.


DAY 54

We have really been watching the puppies to see which toys they like the most. Most of them don’t have a preference, but Remi, Smith, and Taurus seem to like some of the obstacles rather than the puppy sized toys. Here is Remi demonstrating her elephant trick on the Zumba board.


DAY 55

Every day, Payton hosts Payton’s Puppy Playtime. Well, today they really enjoyed their time out in the kitchen. Some of them even went back into their play pen to go potty, others couldn’t make it that far back.


DAY 56

Today is the day that everyone has been waiting for. It is the day that the puppies start to go to their new homes. Although this is a very bitter sweet day for us all, we couldn’t be happier for the puppies and the families that they will soon become a part of. Thank you to everyone who has followed our journey and most importantly, thank you to those of you who will provide nothing but the best for our puppies. It has been a true pleasure to get to know everyone throughput this process.

All departure pictures will be on the updates part fo this blog.