Week 5


DAY 36


The puppies played with the tunnel today.  I think that they really seemed to like it.  They ran towards it like they knew exactly what it was for.  

They also received a new toy this evening that Butterball and Pumpkin really seemed to like.

I knew that they liked this bed but I didn’t think they liked it enough to make bunk beds.  They could have so much more room for activities.  

Who doesn’t enjoy some late night antics featuring Butterball?


DAY 35

I did put the ball pit out for the puppies today, but I mistakenly did it when they were ready for a nap so I didn’t get a good video.  Earlier in the day however, I exchanged some of the toys for new ones.  This slide was a huge change and I wondered if they would like it or not.  Well needless to say from this video, it was a hit!  

Pumpkin and Macaroon Playing on the new slide

Some of the other pups enjoying it too

I added a small covered bed that they really seemed to like.  Unfortunately only two or three could fit in it at once.  There was a small puppy pile in there for a little while.  

Macaroon said “Hey, I  was in here first!”


DAY 34

Puppy of the Day


Snickerdoodle has a very nice personality.  He is always sitting and waiting for you to pet him or pick him up and give him kisses.  He is often trotting around, looking for something to play with.  He is an all around lovable guy who seems to be willing to do anything that his new owners will ask him to 

Not too much was new today but tomorrow I plan to introduce the ball pit and some other new toys as well.  Manding has been going well, but it is hard for us to wait to pick the puppies up.  I did however trim the puppies nails with the Dremel tool for the first time.  First I clipped the nails like normal and then I went in and sanded them down to be smooth with the Dremel.  

Tomorrow we will do some exercises called “Barrier Challenges.”  I will go over it in more detail tomorrow, but in a simple way of putting it a barrier challenge is when the puppy has to figure out how to maneuver around a barrier without any help from the humans.  Although we may have to use other puppies to encourage them.  

Who doesn’t love a video of puppy play?


DAY 33

Puppy of the Day


Butterball has such a goofy personality.  I often look at him and think of how much he looks like a clown.  Maybe it is his tear drop on his eye or just the way he looks at me, but he sure does make us laugh.  Butterball is one of the more active boys, but still very laid back.  He currently is the largest puppy and really enjoys to pounce on moving toys.  He was too tired for pictures today.  All that playing makes for a sleepy puppy!

What is it about these puppies laying in uncomfortable positions?  Here is Pumpkin trying her hardest to win the “Awkward Sleeping Positions Award” for 2018.  I think Butterball still beats her with last Wednesday’s picture of him hanging off the bed.  

We have also started to practice manding with the puppies.  This is when you don’t pick up the puppies unless they are sitting.  I know, I know, it is hard, but I believe that in the long run it is more beneficial than having to wait a couple seconds.  It is not only teaching them patients, but teaching them not to jump on people who want to come and say hello.  After just one day I caught a picture of 4 puppies manding and one starting to sit as well.


DAY 32

Puppy of the Day


Macaroon, or commonly referred to as Mackie, is a very cute girl.  She is always sitting ready to be picked up and always wants to have lots of love.  She seems like she would be a great companion and is also only willing to please.  Not only is she a patch, but she appears to possibly have a partial blue eye on the patch side.  

We didn’t change much today and didn’t take many picture either.  I guess it was a lazy Sunday for us.  I did catch Pumpkin and Blossom checking out the vacuum while it was running.  


DAY 31

Puppy of the Day


Biscotti is just like his daddy.  He is very lovey and LOVES when you talk to him.  Payton has chosen him as her favorite.  Not only does Biscotti act like Brady, but we think that he looks exactly like him too.  He seems to be the spitting image of Brady with Black spots.  He is destined for a home where he can be shown.  Time will tell where this pretty boy ends up. 

Since Friday evening we have had a few visitors.  Everyone has loved the puppies and their silly antics.   I may be a bit bias but I think they are too cute to tell them “no” even when they are being bad.  

Kimber and the puppies really enjoyed their new toy.  Brady even jumped in on the fun too.  Here is Cannoli and the new Duck toy!

Remember how I said they can sleep is the strangest positions?  Well, here is Snickerdoodle back at it again.  

Pumpkin always catches our eye because when she is sleeping we always think she is staring right at us.  The spot on her eye is so big that when her eye is closed it still looks open.  


DAY 30

Puppy of the Day


Pumpkin is a very fun girl.  She is the most active puppy in the litter and always ready to go.  She reminds me of Kimber when she was young.  She is very heavily marked from her tummy to the roof of her mouth.  She can easily be identified because she is the only one with that many markings on her face.  Pumpkin is a very special girl that loves to give a lot of nibbles.  

We continued with the resource guarding tactics today and again, I didn’t see a result that I didn’t like.  We worked with their sleeping places today.  Practicing resource guarding can shape a puppy to be the exact type of dog you want to have in your family in the long run. 

They got to meet our neighbor’s daughters today.  Needless to say the puppies thought that they were pretty great!  Early socialization means everything in the long run!

I also made some changes to the play yard too.  I added a Vari-Kennel, which I must say that I am surprised that the puppies took to it so well.  They were checking it out seconds after I set it down.  Not sure how there were 8 puppies in there!