Week 4


DAY 29


Puppy of the Day


Cannoli is the go-with-the-flow type of guy.  He loves to eat and is almost the biggest puppy in the litter.  He is by far the most easy going puppy we have.  There is no doubt that this boy is a lover.  He enjoys to cuddle up with Payton and is often found on the bottom of the puppy pile to keep worm.  All Cannoli wants to do is please his owners.  I can only foresee him being a wonderful pet.  

We did some work with resource guarding today.  As Puppy Culture says, be ready for anything…and I was.  However after watching the videos on how to execute this properly, I was only pleased with the results that we had.  Everyone did very well.  Today I worked with food but tomorrow I will be working with their sleeping area.  Everyday for the next couple of days I will be changing the type of guarding, but still continuing with the same procedures.  

After dinner and their long nap, we let the pups loose in the kitchen again.  We had all 9 free!  At first they were a little unsure if they were allowed to roam, but once they knew it was okay, they were on the move!

More photos of their big adventure.  

Dinner Time!


DAY 28

Puppy of the Day


Sugar is a very sweet girl, who is known to have many feisty moments. She is most often the first one in the litter to try something new and is always ready for her next meal. She will be a loving pet for someone very special. She continues to amaze us every day with new shenanigans. Sugar has been an eye catcher from day one.

Butterball always has been like Gumby. He is laying in new pretzel like positions all the time!


DAY 27

Puppy of the Day


Blossom is one of the active puppies in the litter.  She enjoys chewing on her siblings when they are not looking and looking at herself in the mirror.  She struts her stuff as she walks by.  Blossom sure is a climber.  I often find her on the blue ramp that we added yesterday or on the elevated bed.  I can’t wait to see how big the spot above her eye will be.  

Earlier in the week we started to do some startle and recovery work.  This is when you drop or bang something to create a very quick and loud noise.  The first time every puppy stopped and paused for about 2 seconds.  Then they continued on and went about their business.  That was an awesome response from everyone.  The second time, I dropped something from a different part of the room.  We had the same response but with a tad bit of a better recovery.  Later in the week we will start some work with resource guarding.  

The puppies have found the crate.  

The first day that the crate was in there they all piled up and took a nice long nap.  I didn’t think to take a picture of it until today.  There were only five of them when I took this picture, but I have seen all nine napping at once.  They looked so warm and cute that I wanted to join them.  

They Love my Puppy Call

Im sure that many of you have noticed the new format under our “LITTERS” tab.  Once I begin reposting the previous blog posts those tabs will be working too.  We will be moving the new blog posts there as well.  


DAY 26

Puppy of the Day


Tassie is a very sweet girl.  Most of the time she is pretty mellow until they start to eat.  She loves to play with toys and to wrestle with her siblings.  She is often the one of the first puppies to wake up when I call them.  She will make a wonderful pet that will be eager to please.  Tassie is always wagging that little tail of her’s waiting for someone to pet her.  

We posted a ton of pictures of the puppies in their big play area on our Facebook page.  They were very happy to explore and check out all of the new toys.  I was surprised at how quickly they began to get up on the elevated bed.  They really seemed to like to crawl under it and be the King or Queen of the mountain.  


DAY 25

After doing some searching today, I think I may have to change where the blog will be.  I might have to make a specific blog for this litter with another website.  It is somewhat disappointing because we will likely lose all previous posts, but on the other hand we will be saving all of the new posts.  I will keep you posted on what will be going on with the blog.  Check back here to see what is happening with tomorrows post.  

Anyways, tomorrow we will also be starting with out “Puppy of the Day” to begin the blog for that day.  We will also be talking about personalities too.  A little spoiler alert, we have a baby Kimber in the litter, but I’m not naming any names.  She may or may not wear a bright orange collar!  We also have a very very mellow boy that wears a cobalt collar! 

All of the puppies are doing very well with their new diet if puppy food and goats milk.  They are also going crazy for the ground beef that I have been giving them a couple times a day.  

With the holiday weekend and my semester at school coming to an end we have been very busy lately.  Everything will lighten up once I am off for most of December and Half of January too.  

Not many pictures from today, but we are excited to take headshots for tomorrows Blog.  

They are almost too big for just one bed.  good thing we bought two bumper beds.  


DAY 24

For some reason my earlier blog posts have been disappearing.  Im not sure why, but I will look into it and see what I can do to rectify the situation to the best of my ability.  

Starting on Monday November 26, I will start the blog off with a daily puppy picture and talk about that pups personality.  We do seem to have all personality types as of right now.  At this point we still plan to have the puppy party, but it will take place in December, which it may or may not be snowy.   Stay tuned for a later update when we decide on a date. 

Back to the real reason everyone is here…PUPPIES.  Speaking of puppies, guess who has had their first meal today?  Yep.  They have all eaten out of the saucer for the first time.  Everything went exactly as expected.  All of the pups slurped it (mushy puppy food and goats milk) up and they left us with a very nice mess all over them and the hospital pads.  We made sure to keep our washing machine ready after this mess so we could put it right in and not have to worry about it.  After everyone was clean they took a nice long nap. 

Of Course I had to take a video. 

Payton was babysitting while we prepped for meal time.  (Brady was helping; he always seems to be photobombing.)


DAY 23

Because of the holiday weekend we haven’t been as prompt as we were before.  The puppies and Kimber will be ready for visitors starting next week and continuing until they go to their new homes.  Please let us know via email if you would like to visit them so we can make arrangements.  If you live closer, you will have the option of visiting throughout the week in the evening.  

We added a new wheel and some rings that go on the red wobble pole.  Some of the rings make noise so they are getting acquainted with sudden noises too.  They are all doing extremely well with making it up and down the ramp and they also like to go under it and use it as a tunnel.