Week 3


DAY 22


Since we had a lot going on for the holiday and we were pretty busy, we didn’t take many pictures. We haven’t made any major changes, but we have noticed some things. More and more puppies are making it to the potty patch. When we are cleaning it, the puppies go to the area where it used to be to relieve themselves.

My Aunt also made these super cute cookies with royal icing.


DAY 21

I was trying to take a very cute face picture of Pumpkin looking at Kimber but as soon as I got my camera, I saw her on the ramp!  And then she slid down to the bottom.  I had been anticipating this would happen for a little while now since the puppies enjoy putting their paws on the pig rails.

We then decided it was about the right time to add a little extension to the box.  We got our vinyl and play pen ready and turned them loose to explore.  We wanted them to be able to walk and wander before we put them in the play yard so they were not curious enough to try to get out.  

They seemed to like the extra space.


DAY 20

We added foil again.  This time I took pictures.  Im not naming any names but someone that wears the light blue collar might have found it too comfy.  

It is a good thing we are planning on making a play area that will be connected to the outside of the box because these little climbers are close to making their way out.  

Before I put a picture of Blossom’s little baby teeth bumps coming in.  Here is a before and after of her.  


DAY 19

Instead of putting the foil back into the box for the second day in a row, I decided it would probably be better to put some toys in.  I think it is safe to say that they were a hit!

We will not always have the same toys.  We will change them out for other toys to put into the rotation.  This will keep the puppies interested and thinking that they are getting newer and better things.

I know it sounds a little weird that I am super super excited that the puppies are really catching on to the potty Patches, but I truly am.  Not only have I seen Butterball and Blossom go to the patch, release, and leave, but now I have also seen Snickerdoodle, Tassie, and Sugar do the same thing.  Most of the other pups are getting the hang of it too.  They don’t always make it fully onto the patch; their front feet are in but their back feet are not.  It’s the thought that counts…..Right?


DAY 18

We didn’t have too many changes today as we ventured out of the house and left Kimber and the puppies behind so that we could go to our bi-monthly GPDC club meeting.  The pups and Kimber were not completely alone today.  Payton and Piper were at home with them. 

I’m an very happy about another potty announcement.  Blossom went, all on her own, to the potty area and released her bladder and them returned to the nest.  They are getting the hang of it!

This period of the puppies lives is having us change a lot of different things in the box.  We put foil down on part of the fleece for a short bit today.  Everyone was pretty good with it, but as always we had some that were better than others.  I didn’t manage to take a picture of this, but I will try again tomorrow if we put the foil back in for a while.  

Soon we will be adding some small soft toys.  I don’t suspect we will have to add too many because they have each other to chew and crawl on.  

Everyones eyes are fully open now.  We still won’t know eye color for a little while longer.  

I don’t have many specific pictures, just some random shots throughout the day.  


DAY 18

Yesterday was the last day of ENS, but I forgot to put that in the blog post since we received the LUA results back that evening and I was so excited to share them.  

I am very happy to announce that the puppies have already started to get the hang of the potty area.  Today I witnessed Butterball, not once but TWICE, walking over to the grass and releasing on it!  This potty area is supposed to help with housebreaking by having them learn at an early age that there is always an appropriate place to do their business.  

Today after the puppies nursed for a while at the milk bar I saw a puppy party on top of Kimber.  Needless to say everyone was very happy with a belly full of milk and passed out.  

Since today is the day after ENS has been completed, we are starting to get the puppies attention with some organic raw ground beef, while saying pssssst, pssssst, pssssst.  Everyone, especially Kimber, really enjoyed it.  

I am already foreseeing how unbelievably hard it will be to choose where these pups will spend the rest of their lives.  Unfortunately, when the puppies are older, we will have to let a lot of great families know who will be offered a puppy and who will not be as we have many more homes than we have puppies.  Those who do not get offered a puppy from this litter will have the option to wait for our next litter (not sure when it will be) or we can refer you to some other very reputable breeders in our area.  


DAY 16

Today we received the puppies Low Uric Acid (LUA) test results.  We have 3 of 9 puppies who carry the LUA gene, like Kimber.  Those puppies are Biscotti, Cannoli, and Snickerdoodle.  We are happy that the puppies who carry the LUA gene are the boys because they are more susceptible to block with a urate stones than a female.  The way that we test the puppies is by rubbing a swab on the inside of their cheek for a few seconds. 

If you would like to know more about the LUA Backcross Project, we are always happy answer chat about it.  

We swabbed them last Saturday.  

Of course we also have this adorable picture of them all lined up!