Week 2


DAY 15


Every day for the next couple of days we will be making some little changes to the box.  Yesterday’s change was removing the extra pig rail that we added to keep the puppies contained to the back of the box.  Today we added their potty area.

  When the puppies get bigger we will have to add more of these grass patches when they move to larger play pens. 

We put each puppy on to make sure that they had a good feel for the new grass texture.  If we can catch them we will move them to the area before they eliminate.  Most of them have released in there, but it will take some time to get them to know where to do their business.  Here are two of the puppies that I caught pictures of while using the grass.  

The puppies have started to be able to sit now too.  Macaroon always seems to be the one sitting when I get my camera, but I have seen most of them doing it too.  


DAY 14

Photoshoot accomplished!

It was actually easier than I thought it would be.  Kimber is wearing the collars that the puppies will wear when they are older and grow out of these smaller ones.  They are the same colors and styles, but a bigger version.  

We also had another big change that everyone seems to be happy with, and Kimber seems to be very happy with it.  We removed the extra pig rail so now the puppies have full reign of the whole box.  I also added a bed with sides.  I, of course, had to take a picture of them in it since it matches their collars.  

Miss Pumpkin’s eyes are the most open of all the puppies.  One eye is about 3/4 of the way open and the other is about half way open.  

Here are some other pictures from today.


DAY 13

The puppies eyes are opening more and more.  Their ears are also starting to open too.  I have noticed some ear twitches when I am talking to them.  It is hard to remember to take the flash off of the camera because their eyes are still very sensitive.  We have been using the light from the heat lamp to take pictures.

As everyone knows, we are going to work very hard to match the puppies personalities to their forever homes.  I love that many of you are enjoying the blog and some have started to comment on pictures as well.  I do have to approve all comments so if you do not see yours there right away, it is probably waiting for my approval.

When the puppies start to look more like dogs, instead of little pigs, we will start to feature a daily puppy to start off the blog and of course the typical blog with everyone else as well.

I have a very special photoshoot planned for tomorrow that I have been hoping to accomplish since before the puppies were born.  We will be trying to take “Mommy and Me” photos.  Until then, you will have to settle for some more random pictures taken during the day.


DAY 12

Thing out our way are getting very interesting.  This morning before I left for school I went to say goodbye to the puppies.  When I did, I saw that the corners of Miss Tassie’s eyes were starting to open.  I checked everyone else’s and sure enough they were peeking at me too.  It is so faint that you may not be able to see it in these pictures.  No more flash photography for a little while until their eyes get more adjusted.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I seem to love puppy piles.  Here is a nice one of the pups fitting in the corner of the box very nicely.

Puppy Pile!

Some more candid shots from today


DAY 11

The spots are slowly but surely coming in!  Our local Dal club, Greater Pittsburgh Dalmatian Club (GPDC), hosted some coursing ability test’s (CAT) yesterday and today in Jefferson, Ohio.  We were not able to make it due to puppies, but we heard that they were a hit!  We hope that some of these pups will like to run Lure Coursing some day.  Both Brady and Kimber have titles at this venue.  CAT’s are a type of chasing game.  There are three plastic bags on a pulley system that runs a 600 yard course.  if the dog chases the bags for the majority of the course they get a leg, or a qualifying score.  This video is Kimber chasing those plastic bunnies.  I think she might like it a little bit!  What do you think?

This video was taken a year ago at the GPDC’s last CAT trial.  That weekend she earned her CA (coursing ability) title.


During and after mealtime


DAY 10

Yesterday I mentioned that some of the puppies were toddling, but I couldn’t get a good video of it.  Well…after a nice long meal at the milk bar, I waited patiently for the puppies to start to move again.  I managed to catch one of the boys moving across the box.  He did pretty well for not being able to see where he was going.

I also wanted to put Kimber’s pregnancy progression photos on the blog as well.  When she was bred she weighted 49.5 pounds and when she gave birth she weighted about 64.5 pounds.  Her waist was 20.5 inches when she was bred and 33.25 inches when the puppies were born.

Some other candid shots from today



As promised I have a report for everyone in regards to how the puppies second nail trim went.  The only word that comes to mind is PHENOMENAL!!! The first nail trim took me about an hour to complete.  We had a drastic difference in time.   Today’s trim took me about 20-25 minutes total.  As I was trimming nails, I thought about how all the little feet are so cute, so I started to take picture after picture after picture of the little paws, but I only got a few photos that were not blurry.

Everyone who hadn’t doubled their weight yesterday surely did today.  We even had to move to the big scale since the big boys don’t fit so easily in the other scale’s basket anymore.

The cutest thing that we have seen is that all of the puppies have been on all four feet WALKING!  It isn’t a very stable walk, but they are doing it.  Most of them have gotten about 5 steps in and then they fall over, but they are doing pretty well for their age.  As many times as I keep trying to get a good video I can’t.  I will keep on trying!