Week 6


DAY 43

Happy 6 Week Birthday!

We had posted these on our Facebook page earlier today, so some of you may have already seen them.  These are their 6 week head shots.  As always, in birth order her is Tassie, Blossom, Sugar, Cannoli, Pumpkin, Biscotti, Macaroon, Butterball, and Snickerdoodle.

I also talked about trimming the puppies nails with a dremel tool earlier.  We use a dremel tool to trim nails so that we are able to keep them short for their comfort.  Think about it, it wouldn’t be every comfy if you were constantly walking on your toenails everywhere you went.  Here is Sugar, our feistiest puppy I must add (she surpassed Pumpkin a while back), enjoying a nice nail trim with the dremel tool.  The only thing that you have to worry about is that the friction can cause the nails to get hot quickly.  


DAY 42

There were quite a few changed that we made today.  Nothing drastic.  For example, we have been slowly but surely moving the hospital pad so that there is only a little showing in the potty area.  Also, the puppies get in the corner to do their business about 90-95% of the time.  If they aren’t close, they are usually headed in that direction and just couldn’t make it there in time.  The other change that we made was moving the pups to their own individual bowls.  They ate inside of a crate in pairs except for the last three, they were a trio.  If you noticed that Biscotti has a ball in his bowl, it is because he eats too fast.  The ball helps to slow him down.  

For a new texture, I saw this rubber mat that has some weird groves on it.  I put it in the play yard and we instantly had a gathering on and around it.  Macaroon thought it was a nice comfy bed.  

If anyone has been shopping on Chewy.com before, you may have seen this chunk of wood that does not splinter.  It just crumbles so we thought that it would be great for the puppies.  Well, as usually, there was a gathering led by Miss Sugar.  

Sugar is too cute for words!


DAY 41

What a box of fun for the puppies.  Socks, socks with tennis balls, and socks with water bottles.  What could be more fun?  

The first puppy to crawl on top of the box was Macaroon, but Snickerdoodle wasn’t too far behind.  

There is nothing like some happy puppies playing with balls to cheer you up!


DAY 40

Wow! 40 days old already!  The time is flying by.  Since we opened the up the play yard a little more a couple of days a go, not much has changed.  We have just been sticking to our daily normal.  I passed the umbrella in the pile of puppy stuff today and brought it upstairs to use it on the puppies.  

Not not of them was afraid or leery of it.  I think I had about 5 or 6 of them under it with me , but they all took turns throughout the day.  

I was trying to come up with the loudest vacuum noise that I could to see if any of them woke up from their nap.  Macaroon was already awake, so she really doesn’t count.  The other 8 however were very calm.


DAY 39

I’m not sure if you could tell from the pictures or not but we opened up the play yard a little more.  It is a lot more roomy in there now.  We have a designated sleeping area, play area, and a potty area.  When the whelping box door is open too it is very spacious.  

We tried to take some pictures with the good camera today instead of just my phone camera, and I cant get them to download.  Check back later to see if I have any success.  


I was unsuccessful in getting the pictures from today, so I decided to put an older picture on of the puppies.  This was taken on November 14th.  They were so small back then.  They are pouring out of this bed now.  


DAY 38

This is what happens when you try to clean the play yard and you forget to shut the door to the whelping box.  A bunch of pups that just want to see what you are doing!

Like I talked about before, today we did the barrier challenge.  Just like everything else, every one did good, although we had some that did better than others.  The barrier challenge is kind of like a thinking game.  The puppies will be able to see and smell the food on the other side of a barrier.  They have to figure out how to get the food to make their brains work harder than normal.  Of course we only did this once with each puppy today.  They also ate their normal meals today too.  As we like to say, “Gone is 60 seconds.” 

Macaroon was a natural.  

Since Payton’s favorite puppy is Biscotti, these are the picture I get all day long and thought everyone would enjoy them too.  

Do they love this bed or what??? It is actually a cat bed that our cat wouldn’t use and he decided to donate it to the puppies.  

Colton was playing puppy hog.


DAY 37

I didn’t realize that they liked this bed that much.  I have seen them laying inside of it many times and often on top of it too.  

I started to  run out of things to put in the play yard and had been thinking of what else they would enjoy.  I have to admit that this was a pure accident.  I went in to play with the puppies and and ended up on the ground with them.  And then this started to happen.  I was a human Jungle Gym.