Week 9


DAY 61

Tassie is on her way home with her new mom and dad! Jean and Lou decided to keep her name as Tassie. Since we hope she we hope to show her in the conformation ring, she is also staying close to the Pittsburgh area! Her registered name is Chalet’s She’s A Knockout.


DAY 60

Pumpkin is headed home! Her new name will be Colbie. AJ and Dana are super excited to add this sweet girl to their family. Her registered name is Chalet’s She Knocks Me Off My Feet.


DAY 59

Snickerdoodle left us this morning! Ed and Ann drove a long way for this special boy. His new name will be Cooper. They are thinking about doing some AKC events with him in the future. His registered name is Chalet’s Knock It Off.

The other four took a trip outside with Momma Kimber.


DAY 58

And then there were 5…

Cannoli headed home today in the afternoon to live with Tyler and Cassidy. He will have a sister named Halie to run and play with, plus lots of other extended family dogs too. They haven’t decided on Hank or Tito for his new name yet. His registered name is Chalet’s Knock One Back.

The rest if the day was pretty relaxing. We took a walk around the big yard while the big dogs ran and chased each other. Everyone was ready for a nap when we went back inside.