Week 8


DAY 57


We had a few departures today. It was bittersweet, but I know all of our puppies are in excellent hands.

The first to leave was Miss Sugar. She is starting the next chapter of her life and will be called Rosie and will live with Jake and Kenzie. Rosie is staying in the Pittsburgh area which means that we will get to see her once in a while. Her registered name is Chalet’s Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door.

Macaroon was the second puppy to go home! She will now be known as Halee and has a great future full of lots of other cousin dogs to play with. I think it is safe to say that Debbie is on cloud nine! Her registered name is Chalet’s Knock Yourself Out.

Blossom will be staying in the Pittsburgh area too and will now be known as Dazzle. Bev and Mick were super excited to pick her up and love her all the way home! Her registered name is Chalet’s Knock Three Times.


DAY 56

I took a video of the stampede of puppies looking for their food.

We will be so curious how all of the puppies react to their new environments. When we went for the hearing test, they didn’t seem to mind the new surroundings or other puppies, so I would be surprised if they aren’t fond of their new housemates or if they aren’t comfortable with something so different.


DAY 55

Since both of us are off on Winter break, we have been able to feed the puppies all at once in separate bowls for their meals. Can you tell who is who without their collars?

Some other candids from today.


DAY 54

Today was fairly calm in the house. Every year we all take a trip to my Grandma’s house to celebrate Christmas. We did as we have always done, except Elaine stayed home with the babies, big and little. If she lived closer we probably would have all gone, but for us to be 45 minutes away and to be gone for a long time we were more comfortable to have someone at home.

With the busy holidays we didn’t take too many pictures, but everyone will be able to see their babies in person everyday! Brady wanted to show off his early present.


DAY 53

All of the puppy packs are ready to go! We put lots of goodies, and all the paperwork needed. We may have a thing about color coding.

This is a video that I wanted to post yesterday, but it wasn’t showing up on my YouTube channel so I couldn’t. When I checked today, it was there so I put it on this post instead. Everyones collars are off. Can you tell who is who?

With everything being so crazy with the holidays and the first puppy getting picked up on Thursday, we have been prepping all week. With this litter coming to an end in the near future, we will be on an emotional roller coaster. It will be bitter sweet for our entire family, but we are happy that we will be able to follow these puppies throughout the next chapter of their lives with all of you.


DAY 52

We took stacked pictures of all of the puppies about a week ago. We finally got around to editing them and picking through to decide which pictures were the best of each dog.

For those of you who are not familiar with what stacking is I wanted to talk about it a little. Stacking is a show stance that all breeds use in the same way to see the structure of the dog and how well it matches the breed standard. Every breed except German Shepherd Dogs and English Bulldogs are stacked the same way.











DAY 51

Another photoshoot today. They didn’t seem to mind the big fluffy Dal right behind them. Butterball is always such a ham. Of course Miss Kimb wanted a turn too.

Quick tip: Wait until you have sleepy puppies to do a photoshoot. It really cuts down on time.