Week 3


DAY 15

Not too many new changes today. Five of the puppies eyes are completely open now and the others are not too far away from having full vision just yet.

Taurus: Fully Open

Smith: Half Way Open

Glock: Fully Open

Astra: Fully Open

Wesson: Half Way Open

Colt: 1/4 Open

Tula: Fully Open

Ruger: Fully Open

Raven: Corners are Open

Remi: Fully Open

Kimber seems to love being a mom and often takes naps with her kids during the day. I caught this picture today.

I label this picture: “Cuteness In A Basket”



Day 16

Not too much to post for today, but I thought that I would talk about how we train the puppies that food is on the way. We use a puppy call, which is pssst, pssst, psst. Every breeder will use something different, this one is just unique to my voice. As I am saying this, I hold a small piece of raw ground beefing front of their noses and the results are amazing. Other than that and ENS being over, there is not many new changes going on today.

I did get a picture of Miss Astra’s teeth coming in.


DAY 17

We continued the Pssst (Puppy Call) Training today and added some new things since we have noticed the pups startling upon hearing sudden noises, which is perfectly normal and just means that their ears are starting to open more. Now that we see this, we start with something called startle and recovery. This is when we drop something or make a sudden sound that is loud enough for us to see the puppies jump but almost instantly recover. This is only done for a select few days just after the pups start to become startled to sudden noises. We will also start to use the blow dryer closer to the pups as well as a vacuum. During the times that we are not practicing startle and recovery, which is 99.99% of the time, we play classical music for them as it helps for them to stay clam. This can be used even after they leave us a calming mechanism.

Here is the first sudden sound of three in their first startle and recovery session. As you can see, the pups jump and then immediately they go on about their business as usual. About three minutes later another startling sound happened in a different part of the room, followed by the same reaction and again a third time.

I usually use a moderately full binder, but everyone I will change it up to banging a pot with a wooden spoon or clapping one loud time.

Since we had an escapee earlier today, not naming any names cough, cough, RUGER!!!, we will be expanding the play zone yet again very shortly. Don’t mind Big Brother Tripp making sure that Ruger stays safe while executing his big escape plan.

We will now start to have one big change everyday along with normal daily routine as well as vacuuming. Something that is a downfall with Puppy Culture is that the dogs are so immune to normal household behaviors, that they can sometimes, and by sometimes I mean most of the time, get in the way of cleaning, such as running the sweeper.


DAY 18

Today’s change was adding a different potty area to see how they do with it. The fake grass patches work great, we just happened to have some pellets that we introduced too late for the last litter to catch and they ended up just chewing on them, so we stuck with the potty patches instead. Since we had some left over, we thought that we would give them a try sooner in hopes that we introduced them at a young enough age that they will not chew on them if we decide to continue to use the pellets as well.

Other than that, startle and recovery, and training for my puppy call, nothing much has changed, so I though that it would be a good day for me to share Kimber’s pregnancy progression pictures as well as how much she grew, although we didn’t take a picture when she was at 9 we

Pregnancy Progression Chart

Colt fell asleep while on the scale tonight, again. He is a very easy going and relaxed puppy. All of the pups are gaining weight nicely. Most days they gain between 2-4 ounces which is great!

Healthy Mom = Healthy Milk Supply

Daddy Jasper


DAY 19

Not too many big changes today other than running the vacuum. I must say that everyone did excellent with it, but of course we forgot to video because it is part of our normal life that I didn’t even think about it. Net time for sure!

This is normal behavior for all pups. Since they are still pretty young, a simple sneeze can knock them off of their feet. Here is Colt demonstrating!

Kimber and the pups is still doing very well!


DAY 20

Not too much going on today. We did nails again and loosened the puppies little collars which feels like that is all that we do. Every one is growing nicely and we are really really pleased with all of the puppies.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a FREAK about nails. Nothing drives me more crazy than long nails. Pretty soon we will start to Dremel the puppies nails and hope that their new owners will continue on with it as it is a better way to get close not the quick without actually hurting the puppies. Before we jump into actually grinned them down, we will start by initiating the sound and then go from there. By the time they are ready to go home, they will be pros!


DAY 21

Happy Three Week Birthday!!!

We also started to integrate the Dremel tool too, which I must say went better than planned. When I video taped I didn’t realize that the noise would pick up so well. It seems a lot louder than it really was because the dermal is much closer to the phone, so turn your volume down a touch.

Some Candid shots from today:

Imagine this times about 3. Right after these three started their journey out of the box, everyone else decided to join the stampede. I am glad that I was not alone, because I was overflowing with puppies!

These three picture might be blurry, but I thought that they were really cool of us putting the pups back in as they ran out of the box time after time.