Week 2



Late this evening, we saw two of the puppies eyes just starting to open. Remi and Taurus are the ones that are squinting at us. We actually noticed when we were taking new headshots. Speaking of headsets, a lot has changed since last week. If you look close in the inside corner of Remi’s eye you can see the eye opening. it is hard to get a good picture because all flash photography will be put on hold until their eyes are fully open and more adjusted to the light. Until then, we will rely on natural light, the kitchen lights, and the heat lamp from under the sheet.

Head shots at 1 week 1 Day old.

Since we have seen the eyes start to open, we are now considered to be in the transitional period. Continuing to follow the puppy culture workbook, we will add a bumper bed when the puppies start to release away from the nest as add a potty area.

Just incase anyone missed the video that we posted on Facebook this afternoon, I thaught that I would post it here too.


DAY 10

Not too much going on today. One of little Remi’s eyes are almost all of the way open.

Baba Gerry came for a visit, to play cards, and to build a puzzle. Both of which are some of our favorite pastimes but Puppy TV is a big winner right now.

Here is Daddy Jasper watching his kids grow



DAY 11

Big changes today as the puppies are growing rapidly and have started to release away from the nest. We extended the whelping box so that it is open all the way and the pups have twice as much room. We also added a bumper bed that is in there with supervision only, because sometimes they end up underneath and come out the other side instead of on top. As not to add too many changes in one day, we will add the potty area tomorrow and go into a little more detail about that.

Tripp is a good babysitter while Kimber takes a nap and provides the milk bar.

All of the puppies have started to toddle, but Remi seems to have it down pat! Here she is this morning making her way to go and see Mama Kimb.

Remi on the move!


Day 12

These puppies seem to be developing a litter quicker than our last litter. Not that that is a good thing or a bad thing, it is just an observation. Even though we will never know for sure, I would assume that it is because they were born two days after their due date and the Brady – Kimber litter was born two days before their due date??? Again, just thinking out loud.

As planned, we added the potty patches and made sure to place each puppy on them to get a feel for the new texture. That is step one to teaching them to potty in a certain area of the box. Once we expand their area again, we will have to add more patches of this fake grass.

Kimber seems to like to be able to nurse them and stretch out along the long side of the box as well. She has been spending more time outside of the box and around the kitchen, but certainly loves her time in the nest with her pups.

We have had a couple of questions about why why had a sheet below the heat lamp, so I thought that I would throw it on the blog as well. The sheet allows for the heat to go through and to the bottom of the box where the puppies are. It also traps any heat inside as well as giving the pups and Kimber some privacy. The little box by the puppies is a thermometer, so that we know how warm it is as pups that are this young cannot regulate their own body temperature. When we are using a dark sheet, such as this purple one, it can cause a pink tint which is why some of our pictures and videos appear pink.


DAY 13

Over the past few days, Kimber has been spending more time outside fo the box. Here she is taking a nap with Tripp and watching over everyone on her special chair in the viewing section for Puppy TV. I think that I forgot to mention that we put an air mattress up by the whelping box to keep an eye on things while the pups are still so small, which is why you can see it in the background of some of our photos.

I actually witnessed some of the pups on their way towards the potty area today. I may or may not have let out a quick cheer when Astra got close, but of course didn’t have my camera to video any of it.

Speaking of the potty area, I’m not sure that they completely get it just yet! Here is Raven giving it her best shot!

Brady finally decided to check out the babies.

Here is a funny position for the pups. Usually they are in a pile somewhere in the box, but when I looked in they were all lined up in the back with the exception of one by the potty area.

This is Raven laying like a little frog. I often find them in this position.


DAY 14

These puppies catch on so quickly! We have seen many of them make it to the potty area and if they don’t make it there, they certainly were headed in that direction. I caught Astra and Smith using the patch on camera.

And here is Smith giving it his best effort to make his way over after waking up from a nap.

All of the puppies have started to open their eyes in the little corners that you may be able to see in tomorrow’s photoshoot.

This morning I had a cuddle buddy, AKA Taurus, that was insistent on crawling into my pants. Silly boy.

They started to show playing behaviors, such as biting each other’s face, legs, and buts, so we added some smaller toys and plan to add more as well as switch them out for others over the next couple of weeks.

When I refer to something called Puppy TV, this is it!


DAY 14


Not too much going on today other than some playing with toys and other puppies. Here is a lengthy video of how pour morning went.

ENS went well and everyone seems to be doing great with it. We had at least 4 puppies falling asleep while tickling between their toes.

Headsets at 2 weeks

Here are some other candid from today.