Chalet’s Son Of A Gun

Whelped: 3-27-20

Quinn, who was Taurus from the gun litter, lives with Kelli in Indiana along with Kelli’s family and just a few farm animals. She would like to do some obedience work with him as she is a dog trainer and Quinn will be her demo dog during training classes. They may also think about some conformation shows as well. He is from a Low Uric Acid (LUA) breeding and is homozygous LUA. His sire and dam are both heterozygous LUA, and he was lucky enough to receive a copy from each of them!

CH Woodwynd Double Dog Dare Ya

GCH Kingdom’s She’s A Pistol CAX TKI VHMA

Jasper – Kimber


CH Woodwynd Double Dog Dare Ya


GCH Kingdom’s She’s A Pistol CAA TKI VHMA

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4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 12 weeks old

Quinn is hanging outside with his family!

Quinn’s photoshoot at 20 months old!

So, so, so proud of Quinn and his owner Kelli! They earned Winners Dog for his first point towards his championship on 5/14/22 at the Bloomington Indiana Kennel Club dog show under judge Debra Ferguson-Jones. We are so proud of Quinn and Kelli on such a great accomplishment as this is Kelli’s first show dog and just their third show!!!

Health Testing:  174872

Height:  23.5″

Weight:  60 lbs

  • Hearing:  Bi-Lateral Normal Hearing(+/+)
  • Hips:  Good
  • Elbows:  Normal
  • Thyroid:  Normal
  • Eyes:  Normal
  • Degenerative Myelopathy:  Normal / Clear
  • Hyperuricosuria:  Clear (N/N)
  • Lemon:  Clear
  • Tri-Color:  Clear
  • Long Hair:  Clear
  • Eyes: Brown / Brown
  • Trim: Full (Eyes and Nose Leather)
  • Color:  Black, Liver Factored
  • Dentition:  Two Missing Molars, Scissor Bite