First Posts


The reproductive vet said she thinks that there are 8 puppies for sure, maybe 9.  Paris thinks there may be more.  As a wise friend once said “Time will tell.”


The puppies are kicking in the womb!  Watch right below the hand on Kimber’s belly.  


Today we installed the Puppy Cam.  We will be able to watch them 24/7 and will upload videos to the blog.  Most videos uploaded from this angle will be from the puppy cam.


 Today we put the whelping box up.  As you can see, Kimber is very cozy in her new nest.  For those who have seen the blog from her litter (bred by LaDonna King: Kingdom Dalmatians) this is indeed the same box with a coat of paint on it.  A fun Fact is that Kimber was the first puppy to be born in this whelping box.  She wore the solid red collar and was called Bonnie. 


A very special delivery came in the mail today!

Puppy identification collars are here.  


Very exciting news today!  Breeding has taken place.  That means we have an official due date!!!

Brady and Kimber tied.

This is where you will find the blog for this litter.