First Posts

1 – 24 – 20


Jasper and Kimber were bred today which leaves us to have the official due date of MARCH 25!


Pregnancy Confirmed

Today we went for an ultrasound to see if Kimber was as pregnant as she looks…and the answer is YES! The doctor was thrilled with how she is progressing and says that she should have happy and healthy babies.


Pedigree Link


Today we had our repro vet take an x-ray and count how many little puppies she sees inside of Miss Kimb. Before she even took her back to take the picture, she said that she might have the pups sooner than her due date, which isn’t abnormal for a litter this size. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw how well she has been doing. When Dr. Harr came back into the room, she said that she saw 11 puppies for sure, and that maybe a 12th was hiding in there too!

Feel free to comment how many you see; don’t forget to check under her ribs too!