History and Current Dogs

Past Dogs

We have always had rescue dogs. Tootie, a dal with duel patched ears, was rescued from a lady that didn’t want her anymore. She was tied to the front patio, in heat. By the looks of her sores, she had been there quite a while. She lived until about 14 years old, and was one of the best dogs to have. She was great around young children, patient, and a great vacuum. When she passed, a little while later, we rescued a Doberman Pincher. His name was Dashel and his story is not as glamorous as Tootie’s. He was about a year old, emaciated, and tied under the Verrazano Bridge, in Brooklyn, New York. They shipped him to PA for us, after he passed all of the temperament tests, and became known as Dash, and often referred to as Mr. Dash. He was about the same age as Paris, the youngest Dizak.

Brady’s Story:

About a year and a half after Dash passed at age 12, we got our first pedigree dog. A dal pup named Brady, who we bought from Pat Martin. He was bought as a pet on a limited registration, and was taught basic obedience. When he was about a year old, we took him to a Greater Pittsburgh Dalmatian Club (GPDC) meeting, where we where told that that dog, our silly puppy who was chasing all the girls, needed to be in the breed ring. After consideration, we changed his registration from limited to full. One year from his first point, we had a champion on our hands. One of his two major’s came by him going best of breed over 4 specials, two of which included two top twenty dogs, one being the number one dal bitch in the country. After that we started lure coursing with some fellow dal friends, and he has a CA (coursing ability) title. Then, 18 shows later he got his Grand Championship, with back to back best of breeds for 5 point majors! Paris and Brady did it again, they beat the number one bitch not once, but twice in a row. the next time Brady came out to show, he went best of breed for another 5 point major, went lure courting and got all muddy, then went back into the group ring and got pulled for consideration. Brady was only shown by owner handlers, with the exception of a friend taking him in the ring once. A short time after that, he got his CAA (coursing ability advanced) title. A couple of months later, he got his TKN (trick dog novice) and his TKI (trick dog intermediate). Then Brady and Elaine started training for rally. Before they even finished the set of classes, she put his rally novice title on him. His scores included a 98, 97, and a 90,including two first places. A very short time after that he got his TKA (trick dog advanced) and his TKP (trick dog performer). About a month later, he ran two beautiful runs to earn his BCAT (beginner fast cat) title, ranking him number 11, on the list for fastest Dalmatians in 2017. As if that wasn’t enough, he earned his CGC (canine good citizen) title in December. With a total of 9 titles in 2017, he earned the DCA’s (Dalmatian Club of America) versatility award.
CHIC # 121855

Kimber’s Story:

We wanted to get another dog to be a companion for Brady. If that was all she ended up being, that was okay with us. Although we had hoped to show her in confirmation, and a couple other venues too. When we were looking for a puppy, we had a checklist that we hoped LaDonna King could get close to. It was a Bi-lateral hearing, show quality, brown eyed, hopefully black, and must be an LUA girl (which she would have been since her mother was homozygous LUA). She didn’t just come close, she nailed it! We brought her home in early July of 2016, and Paris stated training her for the show ring, along with some basic household obedience. She went to 4 puppy matches, before she was 6 months old, never placing lower than a group first. At her last puppy show she brought home best beginner puppy in show, against some quality dogs. She then started in the regular breed ring accumulating some single points. She also hit some UKC show and has 75 points and 3 competition wins. She needs 25 points to finish her UKC championship. In the mean time, she got her TKN in July 2017 and her CA title in November 2017. In December 2017, she took a major by going Winners Bitch and Best of Winners. She now just needs a major to finish her championship.
Kingdom’s She’s A Pistol CA TKN